About Us


Eighth of August 

Was birthed from my twins birthday. A special moment of my life. God BLESSED me with these two beautiful Angels. So I wanted to create a legacy for them and their children so I decided to open a boutique in the honor of them. 

Eighth of August was a thought in 2019 but became a vision August 2020 to be a place for busy moms all over. To inspire women to cultivate their boldness. To dress how they may be feeling for that moment. As wives, mothers, and a business woman we wear many hats and at times we don't always want to be dressed up with heels all the time. We might want to put on a cute jogger set or biker shorts with a cute tee with a messy bun/hair and some cute sneakers or slides. So Eighth of August is here to help those to feel pretty in whatever they decide to put on. Clothes don't make us we make the clothes because we are all QUEENS in our own way. 

So we offer easy pieces that can be easily paired together to create quick, simple, yet stylish outfits. The only thing we can't help you with is shoes.

Wo offer clothing for Women and Little Girls who love simple but yet head turning outfits, but don't want to look basic. You'll find the comfiest and most affordable styles. You can expect to never break the bank at Eighth of August Boutique...unless you choose to fill your cart up with all things you love!

#8O8Queen offers bold women and little girls clothing that exudes radiancy and encourages individuality. We strive for you to find cool ways to make conventional pieces that stand out and encourage them to mix and match our pieces, as well as incorporate them into their already existing wardrobe.  

We love our #8O8Queen who represent every thing a woman stands for. Who aren't afraid to wear the same oufit twice simply because she loves it. She finds ways to express who she is through her clothing on an everyday basis while doing the same for her little girl #8O8MiniQueen

A #8O8Queen SHE is CLOTHED in Strength and Dignity and she laughs without Fear of the Future (Proverbs 31:25). She does not conform to society's view of what a woman should be, how she should act or what she should look like. The #8O8 woman is uniquely and unapologetically herself 24/7.